My top three technology podcasts

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts…

Welcome to my December blog post on my top three technology podcasts. During the pandemic with extra time of my hands due to not having to commute to the office I decided to go out for a walk before work. Initially I would listen to music but I soon got bored, this is where I discovered podcasts.

The Unhandled Exception

Coming in at number one, The Unhandled Exception. With everything from the latest technologies to F#, accompanied by in-depth discussions and ideas.

In the company of special guest from the development and meet up community such as Steve Collins, Jessica Engstrom and Simon Painter. Each podcast contains a handy developer tip…everything from productivity to keyboard shortcuts.

My personal favourite episode is “TDD with Ian Cooper” which covers the pain points with TDD and how they can be avoided.

Dan also co-hosts the .NET Oxford Meet up. The pandemic has opened new opportunities to attend virtual meetups. In addition to this we have welcomed speakers from all over the world.

.NET Rocks

Coming in at number two, the famous .NET Rocks podcast covering everything .NET related. With over 1,760 episodes to choose from. Including special guests from the development community such as Jon Skeet, Mads Torgersen, Jennifer Wadella, Steve Smith and Julie Lerman.

I’m currently listening to the ‘C# 10 with Mads Torgersen’ episode, learning about the new C# 10 features with .NET 6. With interesting hints of ideas for C# 11.

Darknet Diaries

Coming in at number three, Darknet Diaries. With the tag line the “True stories from the dark side of the Internet.”

This podcast is about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network. Spine chilling episodes of true stories…not one to listen to before bed.

My favourite episode is “The Pizza Problem”, how far would you go to get the username you wanted? Every episode I have listened to has made me think twice about security. How secure are your applications, infrastructure, APIs, databases, and even your physical security.

I find podcasts a great way to learn new things about .NET and technology. If you have some time over the Christmas period, I’d highly recommend these three podcasts…amongst my favourite true crime podcasts The Prosecutors and Missing.

What are favourite technology podcasts? Leave in the comments below!



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